Regner 99 5201 O&K 0-4-0

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The small locomotive, built in 1938 by Orenstein and Koppel, initially served the Spremberger Stadtbahn under the number 12, until it later went into shunting operations in Wenigerode / Nordhausen and was given the company number 995201. The small locomotive impresses with its massive appearance. Our true-to-life replica in a scale of 1:22.5 is offered as a kit and finished model. As always, all parts have already been machined and painted. You may only assemble the kit by fitting and joining. The slide valve cylinders with Teflon pistons have drain cocks and individual exhaust steam lines. The Heusinger control with Kuhn loop is modeled true to the original, The water can be replenished using the goodall. The pressure gauge is also included. The coal box lids are movable.


Technical data:

L / W / H: 265 / 101 / 155 mm Length over buffers: 290 mm Weight: 2.9kg

Operating pressure 3 bar

Teflon working piston Cylinder bore: 14mm Stroke: 17mm Teflon piston slide Heusinger control with Kuhn loop Cylinder drainage via small valves

Axle bearing of the coupling axle individually sprung Wheels electrically insulated

Track width 45 mm LGB Radius 1 Scale: 1:22.5

Flame tube boiler with drilled poker burner Steam superheater in the combustion chamber

Steam boiler Ø 60 mm Firing: gas (30% propane / 70% butane mixture)

Pressure gauge and Goodall Water feed valve on the sight glass.

RC functions: reversing, cylinder drainage, steam cock, whistle, brake.

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