WeeBee Safety Valves

Type: WB100
Sale price$38.00


Working pop safety valves handmade and tuned for accurate pop and reset pressures.

For Accucraft and Roundhouse you will need the appropriate adapter.


WB100 m5x.5 60psi

WB100A m5x.5 40psi

WB101 m5x.5 65psi

WB102A m5x.5 60psi

WB102B m5x.5 65psi

WB103 3/16x40 60psi

WB104 1/4x40 60psi

WB105 M8 30psi for Regner Mini boilers

WB108 M6x.5 60psi for Bowande


WB110 Accucraft m10 adapter

WB112 Roundhouse 5/16x32 adapter

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