Roundhouse Harrogate

Color: Black
Gauge: 32mm
Control: Radio Control
Sale price$2,495.00


'Harrogate' was built in 1944 by Peckett & Sons of Bristol for the Harrogate Gas Works Railway. In 1957 the locomotive was sold the Ffestiniog Railway for use as a mainline loco with the intended name of 'Volunteer'. Unfortunately the loco was never fully restored and ultimately proved unsuitable for the FR. The loco was sold to the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway in 1987 where is was restored to running order. However it was again proved unsuitable for the line and was sold once more in 2004 to the then private Statfold Barn Railway. Here it played an integral part in the early development and subsequent growth of the line. Harrogate is still running today on the now publically accessible Statfold Barn Railway.

Technical specifications for 'Harrogate'.

  • Internal gas firing using our ‘FG’ type burner.
  • 0-6-0 outside framed chassis with two double acting slide valve cylinders operated by internal Walschaerts type valve gear.
  • Exhaust enhancer.
  • Controls fitted as standard are :- steam regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, displacement lubricator, gas regulator and reversing gear.
  • Water gauge and top up system
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Full radio control for both regulator and reversing valve gear using 2.4GHz R/C.
  • The wheels are adjustable between 32mm and 45mm gauge
  • Available with insulated wheels.

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