Roundhouse Darjeeling 'C' Class

Color: Black
Gauge: 32mm
Control: Radio Control
Sale price$4,600.00


In 1913 two 4-6-2 'Pacific' style locomotives were ordered from the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow for the use on the 70 mile Kishenganji branch of the DHR. Intially numbered 37 & 38, these locos saw extensive use on this branch line and were largely unmodified throughout their lifetime. After Indian independence in 1947 moves were made to replace the branch line with metre gauge track and by 1950 the 'Pacifics' were relegated to working the section between Siliguri and Sukna; unsuited as they were to the curves and gradients on the rest of the DHR. They were numbered 807 and 808 by Indian Railways from this point. By 1969 both locos were laid up at the New Jalpaiguri shed until being rescued for preservation as static exhibits. eep on the extension lines hauling loads of 200 tons, and was eventually scrapped in 1954.

Technical specifications for the Darjeeling 'C' Class.

  • Internal gas firing using our ‘FG’ type burner.
  • 4-6-2 outside framed chassis with two double acting slide valve cylinders operated by simplified Walschaerts type valve gear.
  • 8 wheel bogie tender
  • Exhaust enhancer.
  • Water top-up system and water gauge.
  • Controls fitted as standard are :- steam regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, displacement lubricator, gas regulator and reversing gear.
  • Glazed cab spectacles.
  • Dimensions (loading gauge) are :- length 711mm over buffers, width 112.5mm, height 148mm.
  • Full radio control on both regulator and reversing valve gear using 2.4GHz R/C.
  • Regaugeable between 32mm and 45mm without the need for a gauge conversion kit.
  • Insulated wheels as standard.
  • Recommended for use on minimum 3ft radius curves.

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