Bowande Talyllyn No1

Color: Furness Red
Gauge: 32mm
Gas Tank: Stock - roof mount
Sale price$2,100.00


I am proud to announce an exclusive production of the famous Talyllyn No1 in 1/19 scale. The model will be built as the 1950's rebuild design but with the air compressor as a loose detail part as an option. The model is gas fired with a ceramic burner with a copper boiler featuring a sight glass, pressure gauge and goodall valve. Valve gear is full Stephenson. Cylinders are 2 working slide valve and It will be available in both 32mm and 45mm Gauge.  Not adjustable. The 45mm version will have widened frames to allow for the space.  Deckplate and buffers will not change as to not spoil the looks of the locomotive.


No1 will be faithfully reproduced in scale thanks to the in person measurements, original works drawings and full assistance of the Talyllyn crew and Martin Fuller, a famed Talyllyn historian/author. A special thanks to the shops for copies of the works drawings and full access to the locomotive for full detail data and photographs.


Models will come fully lined and painted.

Min radius 39"

Ceramic Butane burner with Copper boiler and 6mm Sight Glass

Goodall Valve

Slide Valve Cylinders with Stephenson Valve Gear

Fine adjustment TTD Gas and Steam valves

Bronze bushed chassis

Roof mounted fuel tank 35ml capacity 30min runtime (Optional bunker mounted fuel tank has a 19ml capacity offers 18min runtime)

L 276mm/W 89mm/H 135mm at chimney


Full selection of spare parts will be maintained for all locomotive productions that I produce from here on out. 

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