Bowande Baldwin 6-10D 0-6-0

Style: Tender Engine
Color: olive_green
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Owners Manual can be downloaded here

A little back story to these small engines. These were catalog models and were standard designs for order to Baldwin to many different railroads. One that caught my eye was “Chas Kohler” Construction number 7362 ordered June 1884. Built for Challenge Mills in Yuba County California, it was their first locomotive and was used to haul flat cars of slab lumber and logs.  The total railway length was a mere 6 miles by the end. Due to a wildfire in 1886 much of the mill and railway of the Challenge Mills were destroyed, the right of way and cuts and trestle remains can still be found today. Extensions to his other mills, Beanville Mill and Indian Creek continued on though the years. At one point the locomotive was used for a people excursion for a July 4th celebration in 1886.



Efficient Slide valve cylinders with a 1/2” bore with a full working Stephenson valve gear for reduced steam consumption. Butane fired ceramic burner in a sealed locomotive firebox needing no draft to run and is silent in operation. A high level of detail and fidelity to the prototype. The use of brass etchings for bodywork offer a durable and easy to work with model for any user modifications. Fully bushed chassis and rods. High level of detail and attention to detail.


Standard boiler fittings include a 60psi pop safety valve, sight glass, internal throttle with a dry pipe in the dome and a goodall valve as standard along with a 1/2” pressure gauge. Lubricator is a dead leg style mounted in the cab for easy access. In the cab is a over sized fuel tank for a long duration runtime maintained by the goodall valve and the sightglass.




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