Accucraft Gas Valve

Type: Short length
Sale price$15.50


Upgrade your gas valve with a finer thread for better control of the burner therefore increasing your runtime.

Short length fits most styles with a knob located inside the cab

Long length are for extended length valves or for the vertical post brake staff style

 *Photo of 1:13.7 Quarry Hunslet

Valve bushing adapter should be sealed with a sealer like the Permatex paste


Note**  Early models had varying valves and this will not adapt without machining of the adapter.

Newer models like the 16mm scale Hunslets and later models do not fit these parts.  Some have much smaller valves and some have copied parts of mine. Some of these you can install my spindle into the valve directly without the adapter and get the benefit of my tight tolerance parts.

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